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Fruits are an important part of a healthy and balanced diet.Fruits are often picked from the garden way before they are completely ripe. This is generally done to meet huge market demands and to supply fresh looking ripe fruits on daily basis. Storing of fully ripe fruits is risky and may get a rotten look soon.  Here come in Artificial Fruit ripening techniques. The chemical widely used for artificially ripening fruits is calcium carbide (CaC2) which contains arsenic and phosphorus, both of which can prove fatal for human beings. CaC2 is a known carcinogen - an agent having the ability to alter human cells into cancerous cells.
Is ethylene harmful to humans: It is the only member of its class and has the simplest structure of all plant growth substances. Unlike most plant hormone compounds, ethylene is a gaseous hormone. Ethylene is not harmful or toxic to humans; however, at extremely high concentrations it is combustible. 
This harmful artificial fruit ripening using carbide gives uniform ripe feeling and artificial external looks as if fresh and ripe but the fruit is not actually ripe from inside. Calcium carbide is a highly toxic and highly dangerous  & corrosive chemical. Fruits that are ripened with this chemical can cause several harmful effects to the human health. Calcium carbide has got the potential to cause cancer, problems of the neurological system of humans and many more more problems. Common problems are like stomach upset, dizziness, headache, sleepiness, mood disturbances, memory loss, sleepiness, cerebral oedema, mental confusion and seizure. To know more about how dangerous it it and to know more about those effects you may click here
THE ROLE OF ETHYLENE IN FRUIT RIPENINGEthylene is a plant hormone regulating fruit ripening by coordinating the expression of genes that are responsible for a variety of processes, including a rise in respiration, autocatalytic ethylene production and changes in color, texture, aroma and flavor.
Although this  harmful process of fruit ripening using calcium carbide as well as Calcium carbide itself  has been banned in a lot of countries, but still is widely propagated under secretive banners. If you sense a different taste upon eating a slice of mango or taking a bite of banana, throw it away. Some of the most common fruits exploited by this practice include mango, papaya, banana and rarely, tomatoes and dates.

Science comes into play and now fruits can be ripened without the harmful chemicals or carbide. To know more about it please read the following article by Mr. A. F. Prasad.

"It all started when my daughter was born and as she grew we soon realized that she has a sweet tooth for the mango! However, to get mangoes for her from the nearby Rythu Bazaar or Farmer’s Market became a difficult task for me. It was not that there was any dearth of mangoes in the Market, but most traders used to engage in a practice of putting ‘pudiya’ or ‘masala’ in the mango crates to ripen the mango. It used to take a lot of effort for me to find a decent trader who didn’t use illegal ripening agents for ripening his stock. It was then that my eyes got opened to the dangers that consumers face due to illegal and spurious fruit ripening using the banned chemical called Calcium Carbide. Strangely while the use of Calcium Carbide as a ‘Ripening Agent’ has been banned in India since the 1950, its illegal usage in fruit ripening has continued unabated till date.
How this helps ripen bananas: Bananas produce ethylene gas (C2H4), which acts as a plant hormone. ... When ethylene gas is present, ETR1 and CTR1 are shut off, which allows the other genes to swing into action. Some fruit plants use this mechanism to control the sequence of cellular changes in their ripening process.
Fruit Ripening (Transition from physiological maturity to senescence) is a natural process in which Climacteric fruits like Mango, Banana, Papaya, Sapota, Kiwifruit, Avocadoes, etc secrete a natural plant growth hormone which converts the carbohydrates in the fruit into sugars and certain other biochemical and physiological transformations occur simultaneously, such as skin colour change, pulp softening, aroma development and sweetening etc. This process generally begins after fruit reaches maximum size and physiological maturity. If you’ve visited a fruit shop which holds stocks of fresh mangoes and other fruits during the midsummer mango season, you would understand what I mean.
This magical natural plant hormone is Ethylene. It’s something like Love! It changes the fruit without changing itself.

INSTA ripe Ethylene Generator Amisha foods
Ethylene exists in a gaseous form and there are only a few ways in which it could be commercially introduced for fruit ripening. The problem in the past was that there weren’t any scientific technologies that existed to introduce Ethylene to fruits on a commercial scale. So traders started to use an alternative Chemical called Calcium Carbide which releases a gas called Acetylene which is a counterfeit of Ethylene gas. Further, Acetylene contains traces of Arsenic which is one of the most poisonous substances for man and being a carcinogen, it has a high chance of producing cancer in human beings.  
Keeping this fact in mind, throughout the past decade, several High Courts across the country have taken suo moto actions and have pushed State Agricultural Marketing Departments and State Horticulture Departments to take against traders who blatantly engage in the use of Calcium Carbide, its usage has continued unabated still. I remember that a couple of years back, the Andhra Pradesh High Court passed an order banning the use of illegal ripening agents and went to the extent of calling traders who engage in the use of Calcium Carbide as ‘Terrorists’!

But it wasn’t all the mistake of the mango traders as well. Those poor fellows didn’t have much option at their disposal to use scientific technologies for fruit ripening either.
How does ethylene affect plant growth? Ethylene stimulates root initiation in many plant species, controls the formation of root nodules in legumes, inhibits the formation of such storage organs as tubers and bulbs, promotes flowering in some species (but inhibits it in others), and induces the production of female rather than male flowers in cucurbits.
Being an Agricultural Engineer myself, I soon became guilt stricken at the thought that how can I give these spuriously ripened fruits, which have a serious danger of causing harm to the consumer, with my own hands to my daughter. I remember clearly, that the thought of countering food adulteration became a strong motivation for me to start my company, Aamisha Foods Pvt. Ltd. in Hyderabad with the sole aim of getting consumers to ‘Say NO toCarbide’. And so began our campaign, ‘#Carbide Free’ which was to change the way consumers approached, learned about and understood Food Safety. You too can play an important role in making this campaign viral by getting connected with us here and spreading the word!
Earlier I had worked with a major company in the food processing segment where my work involved managing fruit processing operations. I soon realized that even though there were commercial application for fruit ripening available all across the world, farmers and traders were still not aware about the latest technology interventions that were revolutionizing the Agribusiness space.
Amisha Foods INSTA ripe Ethylene Generator cheap fast fruit ripe system
Eager to find a solution for ethical, safe, cost effective and commercially scalable fruit ripening, we embarked on a journey to build a revolutionary technology for fruit ripening that would take the nation by storm. AamishaFoods Pvt. Ltd. was born with the idea to provide the latest cutting edge fruit ripening technology to farmers, fruit traders and commercial ripeners.  After a lot of research, brain storming and failed experiments, we were finally able to design the INSTA ripe Ethylene Generator™, which is a revolutionary technology used for the ripening of fresh climacteric fruits globally.
What are the effects of ethylene? Ethylene effects include: fruit ripening, induction of flowering, loss of chlorophyll, abortion of plant parts, stem shortening, abscission (dropping) of plant parts, epinasty (stems bend), and dormancy. It can be produced when plants are injured, either mechanically or by disease.

Ethylene serves as a hormone in plants. It acts at trace levels throughout the life of the plant by stimulating or regulating the ripening of fruit, the opening of flowers, and the abscission (or shedding) of leaves.
Banana, mango, papaya, citrus fruits, tomatoes etc. can be ripened naturally using the INSTA ripe Ethylene Generator™, which mimics the natural ripening process of the plant. As a result, fruit ripening is completely natural and chemical free. It is easy to use, portable and can be used for ripening needs of upto 30 MT of fresh produce in one go. With a robust construction and additional safety features, it is the most trusted brand of Ethylene Generators worldwide.
The Ethylene Generator is used along with the UNI-RIPERipening Concentrate™ which is especially formulated for efficient and clean conversion to Ethylene gas. With extra strong, organic, natural plant extracts and other active ingredients, UNI-RIPE™ Ripening Concentrate is converted to ethylene gas at a higher rate.
aamishafoofd INSTA ripe Ethylene Generator safe healthy cheap fast fruit vegetable ripen

Today we are proud that the INSTA ripe Ethylene Generators™ and UNI-RIPE™ Ripening Concentrate are used all over India and are also exported to U.S.A., U.K., Germany, Middle East, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Africa, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Aamisha Foods has also initiated researches in the Ripening of tomatoes, Citrus Degreening, Sprout Suppression in Potato and Tobacco Curing. "
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A. F. Prasad

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