About Us

Primary Objectives of this website:

    This website is primarily a platform to spread awareness of nation building genuine politics, political trainings, election management tips, election preparation tips, provide the scope of genuine politics to the eligible & deserving young educated bloods of the country. This website is an open criticizers of all the faults and wrongdoings of Governments & political personalities.

   This website helps to voice the truth and reality and reports any incident as it is without adding any flavours of biased/unbiased explanations/interpretations to it. This website also helps to spread information and links related to job vacancies and requirements from various sectors and employers, both private and government.

  This website also intends to showcase the social activities of Human Rights Protection Federation i.e. Manav Adhikar Sanrakshan Sangh (MASS). We also intend to showcase various fresh & young Emerging Indian Leaders (EIL) and help spreading their voice.
This website also intends to showcase the Bengal's National News Portal Nirbhik Uttor.

  • This website will also promote various free online education channels for free.
  • This Website also helps in hotel room bookings and air ticket bookings and promote 3rd party car rental services . 
  • This Website will speak against any wrongs and speak for the remedies.